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Waxing hair removal saves time and temporarily removes hair, leaving the skin smooth to the touch. Hair regrowth will be finer and less dense. For the safety of your skin, please do not have a waxing service after a sunburn or 24 hours prior to using a tanning bed or sunbathing!

Due to variations in hair growth, waxing prices may vary by individual.
We use only high-quality, gentle wax to give you a more comfortable service.

Brow Shape - Upper Lip - Chin - Sideburns - Underarms - 1/2 Arms - Full Arms - 1/2 Legs - Full Legs
Bikini-Women - Brazilian-Women - Neck - Chest-Men - Stomach-Men - 1/2 Back - Full Back

(3 or more areas)…..10% OFF

Tinting: Get your brows and or lashes tinted, never have to use product on your brows again!
Safe vegetable dye, usually Lasts 5-6 weeks

Tinting available for your eyebrows and or eyelashes, custom colors available.

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